NY proposes new on-call scheduling regulations

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If you have ever worked an on-call shift, you know the hassle of having to try and plan your day or even your week around that slight possibility you could have to work.

“If you don’t know when you’re going to work, you cannot plan for the rest of your life,” Stuart Appelbaum, President of Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, said.

This is a problem for many on-call workers Appelbaum’s union represents like setting up child-care last minute or working a second job becomes extremely difficult.

“What’s important for retail workers is to have a predictable schedule with sufficient hours.”

The Department of Labor released new statewide regulations that will require employers to provide a work schedule two weeks in advance and provide two hours of extra pay for last minute assignments. It also requires that employees be paid for at least four hours even if their shift is canceled at the last minute or if they are on-call.

“Hopefully they are going to get more predictable hours out of this than they otherwise would. I also think for employers they should look at this as a win because this is wonderful for employee morale and reduces turnover.”

The state’s Business Council released a statement on Friday expressing their concern and announced they will submit further comments during the 45 day public review period. The CEO of the council Heather Briccetti released this statement:

“This represents another administrative and financial hurdle for New York employers that is not imposed in most other states.”

She went on to say that companies are already trying to absorb the added costs of a higher minimum wage and the new Paid Family Leave Act.

The Retail Council of New York also released a statement saying that they are behind these new regulations.

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