Little boy gets his wish to drive around in UPS truck

FOREST CITY, N.C. (ABC NEWS) – A little boy got his wish to drive around in a UPS truck.

It’s been a while since UPS driver Kellie Martin even made it to the front door of James Walker’s home in Forest City.

The driver and her little pal quickly formed a bond and James quickly figured out just what he wanted to do with his life.

Back in March, Lauren posted a video to her Facebook page of James with huge tears. He was proclaiming his desires to get a UPS truck.

“I asked Lauren if I could put him in for the UPS Wishes Delivered campaign. And he was chosen,” Martin said.

As a part of the campaign, UPS delivered a pint-sized replica of a real UPS truck, complete with lights and a cargo compartment.

James now spends his days rolling all around his driveway delivering pretend packages to pretend people, stopping every once in a while to hand out biscuits to the family dogs.


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