Inspiring Women of the Capital Region: Kate Hockford

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Kate Hockford is living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. About a year ago she founded “Night Out for You” to do those things for others who weren’t doing for themselves.

“I have cancer. I understand the ups and downs. I understand that you don’t do things for yourself,” Hockford says. “We arrange everything and then meet you to give you the itinerary, everything that’s going to happen for the day, and then we say, go. Enjoy yourself.”

The idea came to her while chatting with a fellow patient one day at the doctor’s office; a woman who had endured 91 chemo treatments for liver cancer.

“I walked away from that moment saying, we have to do something for people who are on this journey. You have to have hope. You have to have something,” Hockford says.

Simple, right? But, the joy it brings people like Georgette DeFoe is priceless.

“Kate, I have to say, is exceptional, just exceptional. This white limo pulls up in front of my house. Sunday afternoon, beautiful day. I thought, wow! We went on a steamboat cruise and buffet. They didn’t leave a thing out. It was a shot in the arm. It was just phenomenal,” DeFoe says.

Kate believes that true living is the ability to receive as much as it is to give, which is why she gets just as much out the experiences as the recipients do.

“I want them to recieve the love that they consistently give. If this is a small piece that I can do for others, than why not?,”  Hockford says.

Why not? Why not create an experience for an adult undergoing cancer treatment, allowing them to remember who they are by forgetting their diagnosis for a few hours just as the organization’s mission statement reads.

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