Cold weather not stopping people who work outside

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The dropping temperatures are being felt by the people who work outside and those living inside one local apartment building.

“The wind is killer out here when it’s cold,” Michael Washington said.

Washington is an Albany mail carrier. He says to bring on the cold.

“Another day at work,” he said.

When the temperatures drop, you’ve got to be ready.

“Long sleeved shirt under this and our normal uniform shirts and what not,” Hassan Wadood said.

Wadood is a city worker, who said you have to embrace the change in weather.

“Rain, sleet, snow, hail – you know what I’m saying,” he said. “We gotta get it.”

His solution to staying warm is to keep moving.

“Every house, wherever you see bags at, I gotta stop there and get them,” he said.

A ride up the Northway to Clifton Park and you’ll find Shenendehowa senior Jack Fricke. He works at Hewitt’s Garden Center. He said you have to forget about style when it comes to winter attire.

“I’d rather be warm,” he said. “And if I’m going to spend a bunch of money on a jacket, I’m not going to wear it to work where I’m going to get all dirty. You know, the Under Armor leggings and what have you.”

While some work in the cold, one community is living in it.

“It’s freezing in here. I mean, it’s very, very cold.”

Nancy lives at Parkview Apartments in Albany. She said they haven’t had working heat since 5:30 a.m. Friday.

“I’ve got birds up here, and I don’t want nothing to happen to them,” she said.

Now she and her neighbors are gearing up for a cold night.

“We can’t sleep in the cold,” she said.

National Grid said they have been at the apartments all evening trying to get the heat restored; however, they did not say how long it could take.

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