Defense in Oquendo murder trial says witness had sexual contact with a dog

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The trial for a man accused of killing his stepdaughter continued on Thursday.

Johnny Oquendo is accused of killing Noel Alkaramla in 2015 and then putting her body in a suitcase and dumping it in the Hudson River.

This has definitely been a case full of surprises.

Before the jury was even let in the courtroom Thursday morning, the defense had several issues to bring up.

Johnny Oquendo’s Defense Attorney William Roberts asking for details on the recent death of Noel Alkaramla’s ex-girlfriend and asked to have certain DNA evidence thrown out.

The jury was finally brought in to continue hearing from prosecution witnesses.

First up was a Troy Police officer explaining how they store, transport, and process evidence.

Next, the prosecution called a woman who identified herself as Oquendo’s ex-girlfriend. She told the jury about knowing Alkaramla well and testified to her phone number as well as Oquendo’s.

When it came to her cross-examination, the defense seemed set on destroying her credibility, saying she and Oquendo broke up because he found out she was having sexual contact with a dog.

The defense even showed her videos they said she took of the alleged acts. She was eventually taken off the stand because she will now possibly need an attorney.

The judge says she may return at some point with more testimony.

The day wrapped up with an expert on phone records. A scientist from State Police Forensics who discussed how the sexual assault kit performed on Alkaramla’s body was tested at the lab.

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