Local women run NYC Marathon for an important cause

(Photo Courtesy: Heather Kirk)

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – One of New York’s biggest events is happening Sunday.

Thousands of people will run in the New York City Marathon.

Two local women among them are raising money for a cause close to their hearts.

Heather Kirk and Dawn Slater will run 26.2 miles across the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Their driving force is Kirk’s 3-year-old-dughter harper.

“She has an extremely rare chromosomal abnormality,” Kirk said.

Harper is a patient at Boston Children’s Hospital and her condition causes her to have cardiac issues, seizures, and developmental delays.

When slater decided to run the New York City Marathon, she knew it had to be for Harper.

“Harper is a true joy and her smile could melt anyone’s heart. So I’m really honored to run for Harper, and to run with Heather as well,” Slater said.

When Kirk found out what her friend was doing, she was so thankful.

“My heart was overfull with gratitude for even thinking about my daughter and having somebody to run for,” Kirk said.

The Kirk started training too.

The pair is running on the Miles for Miracles Team which raises money for the Boston Children’s Hospital.

“I have this fire in my heart that I need to give back; I need to give back to all of those who have done things for us in our life,” Kirk said.

Together, Kirk and Slater have raised more than $13,000.

“Running the 26.2 miles yes it’s going to be grueling but that’s nothing compared to what I’m doing as far fundraising for Boston Children’s Hospital.”

Kirk will carry something special with her during the race, her daughter’s footprints on her shirt.

If you or someone you know is running in the New York City Marathon Sunday, please send NEWS10 ABC your photos.

Additionally: Governor Cuomo announced he’s sending additional security to protect the 50,000 runners at Sunday’s marathon. The State Police and National Guard, along with many other organizations will be sending increased patrols to airports, bridges, tunnels, and Mass Transit Systems. The governor is stressing that this is a precautionary measure. The marathon comes just days after a terrorist truck attack on a bike path in Manhattan that left eight people dead. More than a dozen others were injured, before police shot and arrested a suspected attacker.

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