Burglary suspects arrested in Schenectady

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Wednesday, detectives from the Schenectady Police Department made an arrest of two individuals in connection with a series of burglaries and larcenies that occurred in the “Goose Hill” neighborhood.

After identifying the suspects, a search warrant was conducted on an apartment in Yates Village where the items from burglaries, as well as other pieces stolen from vehicles were recovered.

These included a shotgun, several imitation handguns, electronics, cell phones and money, including rare coins. Both suspects were charged with Criminal Possession of Stolen Property.

More charges are pending.

Schenectady police said in the past six weeks, the north side of the city (“Goose Hill”) has been getting struck by burglars.

“We don’t think anything like that’s going to happen here but now of course, we’re nervous,” said Molly Mossey, whose home was burglarized.

Molly Mossey is still shaken up after strangers broke into her house earlier this week.

She and her boyfriend had just gotten home from work Tuesday afternoon, when they noticed many of their belongings were missing.

“They took the TV, laptop, jewelry, like the antique rifle,” Mossey said.

These items meant a lot to them because they were passed down from family members.

“It’s hard to lose things that we can’t really replace,” Mossey said.

“It’s an odd feeling to wake up and see stuff all over the place,” said William Dilorenzo, who was visiting family in the area.

Hours later, down the block from Mossey, the burglars struck again while William Dilorenzo was sleeping at his relative’s home.

“My computer bag had been opened up and there was stuff all pulled out of the drawers and stuff all over the floor,” Dilorenzo said.

From what he could tell, nothing was stolen.

“Something we think frightened them off before they completed their task and once they realized someone was in the house then they decided that they better get out,” Dilorenzo said.

Mossey feels relieved, but encourages her neighbors to keep their eyes and ears open at all times.


“I hope that people are being really conscious about keeping everything locked up and you just never know, even in a nice neighborhood,” Mossey said.

Police have not stated whether all of the homes and cars were locked, but want to remind people to keep everything secure.

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