Woman thinks suspicious candy might have blood

COLUMBIA, Pa. (WHTM) – What Hope Creasy found in her nephew’s trick-or-treat candy made her sick.

“When I opened it, it was kind of like a red dye,” she said, “maybe blood.”

Creasy says she was trick-or-treating with her four nephews in an area between Sixth and Ninth streets and between Locust and Chestnut streets. She said when she got to her house, she noticed one piece of candy had a hole in the wrapper.

“Everybody we talked to interacted with the kids,” she said. “They seemed super nice. I didn’t expect any of that to happen.”

Columbia police said they are treating the situation seriously.

“The puncture hole into the wrapper, as well into the candy itself, shows that somebody messed with the candy,” Patrolman Andrew Snyder said. “How? We’re not sure. It’s still an open investigation.”

Snyder said the piece of candy in question is locked up as evidence. He said investigators plan to send it off for testing.

“This occurred in the northern area of Columbia, but it could happen anywhere in the state or country,” Snyder said. “We urge parents to check their kids’ candy, no matter where they are.”

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