Report: Wealth would impact Constitutional Convention

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – With Election Day drawing closer, advocates on both sides of the Constitutional Convention are starting to pick up their outreach pace.

“We’re very scared that billionaire money would drive any Constitutional Convention,” Michael Kink, Executive Director of Strong Economy for all Coalition, said.

Scared because Kink believes that billionaires will diminish the rights of the people and fund delegates that only have their own agenda in mind.

A report released by the Hedge Clippers shows how 61 billionaires have contributed more than $200 million to political efforts in recent years.

“If we were at a time like in 1938 when we made huge progress with the constitution when FDR was a national leader when unions were on the rise when the government was working for regular people against the powerful and wealthy, it might be the right time to do the constitution. We’re saying it’s the wrong time.”

Kink’s argument is also being used by supporters for a Con Con who are insisting that if the people want change then they can do so at the convention.

“An enormous opportunity to elevate rather than diminish rights. I would like to ask feminists in the room if they would favor an equal rights amendment to the New York Constitution,” Gerry Benjamin, Director of Benjamin Center at SUNY New Paltz, said.

While ads against the Con Con have started to play across the state, TV ads for the Constitutional Convention have also started to play in both Buffalo and Syracuse.

“We have an option to stop the corruption and look at what we as a whole state want to accomplish and then have a chance to raise amendments and vote on them,” Heather Waters, of the Syracuse League of Women Voters, said.

Voters will get a chance to decide for themselves on Tuesday.

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