Inspiring Women of the Capital Region: Elizabeth Miller

(NEWS10) – To understand Elizabeth Miller’s impact on local women, it’s as simple as seeing the faces of the thousands she has helped.

Miller has helped countless women find new life through WERC, the Women’s Employment and Resource Center.

As executive director of WERC, Miller helps train and find jobs for displaced homemakers and other women looking to get back in the workforce after a life-changing event like a divorce.

“A displaced homemaker is just a woman who has a gap in her work history,” says Miller. “She’s got the background and education and the experience, the work ethic to go to work. It’s just a matter of finding where those jobs are, and the opportunities that are available for her.”

Miller understands the challenges all too well. Her own journey with WERC began in 1996 as a student.

“I was a single mom,” says Miller. “My son Chris was three, and I was laid off from a company I had worked for for nine years.”

Miller says she thought it would be easy to find a job, but soon found it was anything but.

“Because it was a new network and a new job market, I needed the assistance from someone else,” says Miller. “What I have brought to the table is to share with them that it’s ok. At any moment your life could change and we are here to help you.”

Miller is trail blazing and confident, yet warm and approachable. She’s also humble. No matter how many women she’s put back on her feet, Miller genuinely feels as if she’s the one who has gained the most.

“I get everything I need from the women. I don’t need to be highlighted,” says Miller. “I need WERC. I need the awareness of WERC, and what we do. Hopefully we can reach a woman that could use our services.”

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