Albany Co. Sheriff: No specific threat to Capital Region, but must remain vigilant

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After the attack Tuesday afternoon in New York City that killed 8 people, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office assures any steps they are taking are precautionary.

While Tuesday’s attack was close to home, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says there is no indication of any specific threat to this area.

Sheriff Apple said while he cannot fathom a reason for the attack, he does know for sure that these cowardly acts will continue.

“So many people take things for granted and say it’ll never happen here,” said Sheriff Apple. “We don’t say ‘it it’ll happen here,’ we say, ‘when it happens here, are we ready?’”

Sheriff Apple confidently says yes, they are ready.

“We train almost daily on different topics: Active shooter, reality-based training. Our guys for the next several weeks are out at the range,” said Sheriff Apple.

The Sheriff’s Office is constantly changing things up to better train its personnel.

“The old way of thinking was to go to the range, shoot 50 rounds at a target, clean your gun, load your gun, back to the road,” said Sheriff Apple. “It’s not that anymore.”

Sheriff Apple says trainees now run through a number of scenarios designed to get the adrenaline pumping. These scenarios are often preceded by a mile run to get the heart pumping even harder.

Law enforcement agencies are constantly adapting their training and methods in an ongoing attempt to meet evolving threats.

Tuesday’s alleged terrorist used a rental truck from Home Depot to carry out his attack, a hallmark ISIS strategy.

Law enforcement agencies now regularly work with truck rental businesses.

Sheriff Apple says, unfortunately, once law enforcement is able to completely lock down rental companies, the threat will become something else. That’s why he’s stressing the importance of not only preparedness, but also a partnership between local law enforcement and their community members.

“See something, say something. We don’t care what it is. Call us. Let us vet it,” said Sheriff Apple. “Maybe there’s some surveillance that needs to be done to rule it out. Whatever the case may be, nothing is unimportant right now. Nothing.”

For more information on reporting threats:

“If You See Something, Say Something”
New Yorkers are reminded to stay alert to their surroundings, and to report any suspicious activity. Reports can be made to the Counter Terrorism Center at the New York State Intelligence Center via its terrorism tip line: 1-866-SAFENYS (1-866-723-3697); or by email:
New Yorkers can also download See Something, Send Something on your smartphone to inform authorities of a potential threat. Visit for more information.

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