Stink bugs causing ‘stinky’ situation in the Capital Region

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Stink bugs are causing an annoyance for homeowners in the Capital Region.

Stink bugs have been loving this unseasonably warm fall and even on cooler days, they can still be a problem. They’re attracted to the warmth of your house and they can get in through any small opening.

It’s a stinky situation in the Capital Region.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in the amount of calls that we normally have for stink bugs,” Ben Staley, of Catseye Pest Control, said.

Staley says last year’s mild winter, and this year’s warm fall has meant an influx of the stinky pests.

“Almost every insect likes to hang out on the outside of the house, they almost sunbathe.”

When night falls, stink bugs like to get a little cozier.

“As the sun would set, they’ll follow down and then they’ll go up into those areas and they’ll kind of where they have the radiant heat.

If you don’t want this six legged stinker as a house guest, seal up any cracks and call the experts for insecticide treatments.

“Around your foundations and your door frame, window casings anywhere where an insect is going to have the opportunity to make entry is where you want a treatment applied.”

What about that foul smell?

“It is more a defense mechanism than anything and the best way you can actually describe it, is it’s a very pungent order.”

They may be harmful to your nostrils, but they won’t cause any damage on your home or your health, making this pest, all stink and no bite.

Even though stink bugs are resilient, they become less of a problem in the winter so the folks here at catseye are starting to shift their attention to rodents like squirrels and mice as those colder months approach.

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