Paroled sex offenders under special supervision for Operation Halloween

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As kids across the Capital Region were out trick-or-treating, parole officers were out in force making sure they were safe.

On Halloween, sex offenders on parole are under special supervision. Conditions include a strict curfew. Parole officers made their rounds on Tuesday checking in on supervised sex offenders for Operation Halloween.

“To make sure that they are not handing out candy to kids, that they’re home, they’re not walking around the neighborhoods while kids are trick or treating,” Officer Tyrone Keck with the NYS Division of Parole said.

Every Halloween, the Department of Corrections imposes special conditions for sex offenders. Officers want parents and children to feel safe while out trick or treating.

Sometimes, the searches turn up a violation.

“They are only allowed to have one phone that is approved by us,” Keck said. “We found three.”

It happened twice when officers found unapproved cell phones. They also found a children’s movie inside one parolee’s room – another violation despite warning that parole would be at their door Tuesday night.

“There are things that they simply can’t do,” Keck said. “But as you saw, they still did it even though they knew we were coming. Hopefully, they’ll learn that next time you’re out on parole, you’ll make better decisions.”

Officers will make checks throughout the night until the curfew is lifted at 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Sex offenders on parole are under special supervision.

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