More than 20 people lose home in early morning fire

MECHANICVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – More than 20 people are without a home after an early morning fire in Mechanicville.

This is the horror Jonathan Reed and many of his neighbors woke up to this Halloween morning.

He lives a few doors down from 167 Saratoga Avenue and says he could feel the heat from his bedroom window where captured this cell phone video.

“It’s definitely the scariest experience I’ve ever been part of,” Mike Tetrault said.

Tetrault was waking up for work when his apartment building was going up in flames.

Still fast asleep were his two-month-old twin boys and their mother. That’s when dad-mode kicked into high gear.

“I ran back in after we got the babies and the dog out and I went looking for the cats they were hiding under the bed I threw them in a laundry basket threw a backpack on top, a backpack full of the babies stuff so we’d have food for them.”

Then it was grandpa to the rescue.

“The babies are with my father right now up the street staying warm in the truck. We’re trying to get back in so we can get their car seats and get out of here.”

Mike’s boys Charlie and Scott kept warm with mom and grandpa in the truck and they weren’t the only little ones inside.

“Eight, including my boys. The lady upstairs has four kids; their neighbors have two, a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old.”

Miraculously, everyone made it out okay but firefighters say two family pets did not survive.

In addition to the five apartment units in the building, there were also two commercial spaces on the first floor, a photography business and a beauty shop set to open soon.

“It’s a tragedy the people up on the second and third floors lost a lot of their stuff and they’re great people. We’re all working people so it’s sad to see everybody like that. It’s going to be a struggle to get everyone back on their feet.”

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