Local family carves more than 300 pumpkins

CASTLETON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Jack-o’-lanterns are a big part of Halloween decorations that involves carving a face into a pumpkin.

The Swarts family has carved out over 360 pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. It’s been a family tradition for decades that has caught on aw a local attraction over the last few years.

Trini Swarts says that carving life into a pumpkin for all hallow’s eve is almost therapeutic.

“I started doing it when my kids were little,” Swartz, owner of Swartz Dairy and Produce, said. “There were only four for each member of the family and it grew from there. Then we moved to the other side of the pond, and the response has been absolutely phenomenal. Facebook, and people driving by and beeping and waving it’s been phenomenal and I love it.”

Swartz helped learn the process of pumpkin carving, using her own special tools. A scraper does the trick of cleaning out the inside but when it comes to the faces that’s all up to the creator.

The pumpkins are grown right here on this 800 acre farm and afterward they are used for compost and for cattle feed. If you’re headed through Castleton and see these flickering faces Tuesday night, give a honk or yell to say Happy Halloween because that’s the whole reason for this project.

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