What happens to the stolen guns after recent thefts?

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – More than 45 guns stolen from Capital Region gun shops in a week’s time, so where did they end up? A retired police captain believes there are two possible scenarios and neither of them is good.

Last Monday, three people broke through the front window of a Glenville gun shop, getting away with 40 guns.

Two men of interest were identified and so far, no arrests. On Sunday, a lone suspect broke into a Colonie gun store, smashing a glass display, and took five handguns in 18 seconds flat. The vastly different mo’s likely means different criminals.

“It looks like we had an organized group in our first burglary,” Retired Troy Police Captain John Cooney said. “It looks like they had some type of knowledge between delaying the alarm.”

Cooney says the sophisticated burglary may have inspired the next one.

“He’s quick, he’s in, he’s out. He’s not greedy. He takes what he can get out of that glass case and he’s out the door before the alarm.”

He says the very distinct crimes means two different scenarios as far as where the guns go from here.

The Glenville guns will likely be marketed in a metropolitan area like Chicago, Cleveland, or New York.

Cooney believes the guns stolen in Colonie could stay local.

“Potentially an addict who needs to get the guns quick and get the guns on the street,” Cooney said.

Petronis says the suspects will have no problem getting rid of the stolen weapons.

“They move really fast, they just go.”

He’s had guns stolen before and eventually learned where some of them ended up.

“I think there was one in Albany, one or two in some different places in Connecticut, Harford, New York City got a few,” Petronis said.

Despite Cooney’s call for gun shops to button up security, Petronis says most options just aren’t realistic.

“You have to take all these guns out every day and put them in a safe, I mean it’s almost like that would drive you out of business.”

A $15,000 reward is being offered for information about the two people of interest in Glenville. Colonie Police are hoping someone will recognize their suspect and give them a call.

Petronis is also a gun show producer. The next show is in Fishkill in December. He says dealers will have a list of the serial numbers from the stolen guns and will check to  make sure there aren’t any of them for sale.

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