Inspiring Women of the Capital Region: Cydney Cross

(NEWS10) – We have all been touched by sad cases of animal abuse.

Some of us have even adopted a rescue but few of us have devoted the kind of time and resources that one local woman has.

Cross is a lover of all animals but it is the pit bull, the often maligned and misunderstood, who stole her heart.

“Just imagine her having to fight for her life, as gentle and kind and wonderful as she is, for her to have to do that it is unspeakable.”

Stella is a game bred pit bull, rescued from a huge dog fighting ring.

“There is something about human nature that wants to see this kind of stuff which I just can’t wrap my mind around.”

That’s why Cross’s patience, love, and training knows no bounds. Cydney used to rescue greyhounds until she fell in love with a half pit bull puppy so in 1994 out of the pits was born.

“Lots of people were helping greyhounds at that time, and nobody was helping pit bulls, we are the oldest pit bull rescue and nobody was helping them.”

She is known as the grandmother of pit bull rescue.  Her Facebook Page boasts 54,000 friends and her organization thriving on donations and countless volunteers.

“It’s just a big giant blessing. We have some wonderful volunteers. No one is paid and everybody just does it out of their heart.”

From dog training to fostering to aggressive spay and neutering campaigns, Cross is always busy with dog training.

She’s also an adjunct professor here at SUNY Cobleskill where she teaches students how to train therapy dogs.

“We take dogs of good character and help them be all they can be. When dogs get in trouble look at this end of the leash because that is where the trouble is.”

That’s why Cross’s mission is so very clear.

“When every pit bull is safe in a home sleeping in someone’s bed then you can give lots of credit. In the meantime, we try to do the best we can.”

You can find cross-training dogs at Shawna’s Dogs in Glenmont and several other places.

One thing is for sure, wherever you see her; she will probably have a rescue dog at her side.

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