Ghost hunt: A Capital Region haunting

(NEWS10) – Do you believe in ghosts?

Jeremy and Krista bought their dream home 18 months ago. But within days of moving in, strange things started happening.

“We started hearing footsteps,” Krista said. “We started hearing bangs.”

Objects also began moving on their own, including rugs and a dish towel.

“And some nights, when we’ll come home from work, [the dish towel] is moved all the way to the right of the stove,” Krista said. “It’s never to the left, and it’s never a mess; just straight and neat as ever.”

It’s far worse upstairs: shadows and voices.

“I was in the bathroom, and I heard a male – an adult male – and what I assumed to be a child,” Jeremy said. “It was very soft spoken and I couldn’t make out what was said. And I come in here and ask, ‘Did you have the TV on? And she said, no.’”

Then there’s the bedroom closet.

“[The door] would open all by itself,” Krista said. “Just about a crack. Maybe a foot or so.”

In fact, one morning –

“I heard distinct footsteps coming from this corner, and then ‘bam’ into the bed,” Jeremy recalled. “It hit hard enough to wake me up the rest of the way.”

The previous owner was a mystery man from England who walked away and sold the house with everything in it. Did he know something this couple didn’t?

They swear it’s really happening.

“I would never lie about it,” Krista said. “There’s too much – too many things – to make up a story of it.”

There is one way to know the truth. NEWS10 ABC brought in a team of paranormal investigators to spend an evening – psychics, demonologists, experts in the supernatural.

They came armed with special equipment, and after getting a general sense of what was going on, the team gathered for a prayer. Then, they broke up into groups and took turns walking through the house.

From top to bottom they covered every inch. Then, something strange happened.

“I’m getting pulled to that room quite a bit,” Michelle Wagner, psychic medium and paranormal investigator, said.

All three groups, even though they haven’t talked, are all drawn to the same room.

“I just keep getting the feeling that something’s hovering [over the bed],” Wagner said.

“I do get a tremendous sense of being watched,” Stacy Horton, founder of Extreme Paranormal Encounters Response Team, said.

“That area seems odd to me; just a feeling,” Jack Kenna, paranormal investigator, said as he pointed toward the bedroom closet.

Paranormal investigator and empath Tim Conwell also took note that something was going on with the closet.


Cameras and listening devices were set up, a ghost radar detected energy, and a ghost box scanned radio frequencies hoping to pick up a message from the beyond.

The women placed a flashlight on the chair next to the closet.

“We can feel your energy in here, and I know that you do open and close these doors and bother the family that lives in this house,” Wagner said. “Can you just turn the light on for us and let us know that you’re here, please?”

The light comes on. A moment later, they say to turn it off, and the light goes out.

When the spirit went silent, they tried the ghost box.

“Do you need our help,” Steve Kulls, co-founder of Expert Demonologist, asks.

“No,” comes from the ghost box.

Conwell tried to draw it out but all went quiet.

They’ll spend days going over the tapes, but they already have a hunch.

“My own impression, it’s probably family,” Kenna said.

That’s when Krista revealed the rocking chair by the closet belonged to her dead grandmother.

“They do try to say, ‘Hey I’m here,’ in the strangest ways but not try to scare you,” Wagner said. “So, no, I don’t believe all spirits are negative energies. Some are really good.”

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