Gov. Cuomo, Sen. Schumer speak out against tax bill repeal

SELKIRK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – President Donald Trump’s tax reform plan could have a huge impact on middle-class taxpayer’s particularly in the larger states, meaning New York will be one of the states hit the hardest.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Charles Schumer held a press conference on Monday calling on the Republican Congressional Representatives in the state to vote no on this bill.

“You don’t have to be a partisan nose to smell a rat. But I tell you this plan stinks,” Sen. Schumer said.

This GOP tax reform plan has many legislators up in arms especially when it comes to eliminating state and local tax deductions, also known as SALT. SALT allows people to slice off what they pay in state and local taxes from their federal tax bill.

“They would tax the tax that you pay to the state and to the localities. Why? Because it makes the federal government money,” Gov. Cuomo said.

According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, the elimination of SALT would force local governments to raise taxes.

“We know the bills that we have to pay, saving for our children’s future is on the top of our list so it’s something we need to worry about,” Kathleen DiSpirito, homeowner affected by SALT elimination, said.

“What happens when those people who see their taxes skyrocket say you know what I’m going to move out of the county, you know what I’m going to move out of the state,” Gov. Cuomo said.

Sen. Schumer and Gov. Cuomo called out each Republican representative by name asking people to call their representatives and urge them to vote no on the bill.

“We’re asking Congressman Faso and Congresswoman Stefanik to stick up for New York and not bow to the wealthy special interests,” Sen. Schumer said.

NEWS10 ABC asked U.S. Congressman John Faso on the issue and he replied with this statement:

“Tax reform is important in order to grow the economy and to create opportunities for families across New York and the nation. I remain opposed to eliminating the deductions for state and local taxes as this would represent, in effect, double taxation on New York families.”

The Republican Congressman did not say however if this would keep him from voting yes.

The chief of staff for U.S. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik also reached out saying that while she does support President Trump’s tax reform, she does not agree with the elimination of SALT.

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