Construction begins on new water line in Bennington

BENNINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) – Crews are digging up roads in North Bennington for a project that will bring a new water source to homes affected by PFOA contamination.

In North Bennington, homes with contaminated private wells will no longer have to rely on a filter for clean water.

Crews are extending the town’s water supply to some of those affected homes.

Living on bottled water is something Kayla Riley cannot get used to.

The past year has been an adjustment for her family.

“It’s been kind of a pain. We either have to wait for the water or we have so much at one time that we can’t do anything with it. It’s just about caving in our floor it’s so heavy,” Riley said.

Soon, this will be over for Riley and many other families with PFOA-contaminated wells.

The town’s water supply tested clean. Now, crews are extending those water lines to reach homes on private wells.

Construction begins on Murphy Road and will continue for 10 miles.

You will see stacks of new fire hydrants in some parts of village.

It’s a reminder to homeowners that not only clean water is on the way but perhaps good news for their property values.

With a well 560 feet deep, Ken Troumbley thought he was spared until PFOA levels came back at 280 ppt.

“Looking forward for it to be over and done with to get back to normal life,” Troumbley said. “Hopefully, the property values come back up again.”

Riley is also looking forward to normalcy.

Even with a private filter on her well, she doesn’t take a chance on the water from her tap.

“I use it for just cleaning dishes, laundry, and that’s it,” Riley said. “I still don’t trust that water so as soon as we can get rid of it I’d be happy with that. That would be super.”

Construction will continue as the weather permits.

Crews are not expected to complete this project until October 2018.

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