Neighbors, town want man living in collapsed house out

SCHODACK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Talk about being a bad neighbor!

For years, one man in Rensselaer County had made life miserable for the folks living near him, and now his eyesore of a home is making things worse.

His name is Ronald Haber. He’s an accused animal abuser and doesn’t pay his taxes. His home is literally falling down around him but he’s not budging!

In 2011 Haber had been charged with animal cruelty after New York State Police pulled three dead pit bulls found on his Bunker Hill Road property.

“Were constantly afraid of him,” a neighbor said.

The neighbor didn’t want to show his face fearing retaliation.

He says he and others have complained about Haber’s chickens and dozens of exotic birds. They’ve also complained about his girlfriend whom police say was living in her car until that caught fire and she moved out.

“The yelling and screaming and the smell the garbage piling up. The house has collapsed now. He’s living in the collapsed house.”

After decades of neglect, Haber’s home has basically come down around him.

Concerned residents said they’ve called adult services, the county, and town, but even the police tell me they can’t convince him to leave.

No one answered where Haber is basically now a squatter.

Rensselaer County took the property over five years ago due to the fact that he hasn’t paid taxes since 2006.

He’s cost taxpayers in his town of Schodack too.

Remember his dogs? Well, the survivors went to a shelter. Haber refused to relinquish ownership and there was a prolonged court battle and then a hefty bill.

“$15,000 is what we basically ended up negotiating,” Town Supervisor Dennis Dowds said.

The county attorney says Haber has been holding up the sale of the property by abusing the bankruptcy law. He says he expects a judge to soon decide in their favor so they can sell the property and get Haber out, which would be great news to his neighbors.

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