Cats left in box outside local animal hospital

SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Two abandoned kittens are now safe and sound but not before being wrapped up in a package and left outside a local veterinary hospital.

“I thought FedEx had dropped off a package,” Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital Office Manager Jeanine Camp said.

The package was not a typical delivery and it also came with a note.

“Please give them a good home. Very friendly cats. Thank you.”

Except for some cat food and holes on the side, the box was empty.

“They were not happy in there obviously and they got themselves out.”

Camp searched outside and feared for the animals safety being that the veterinary hospital sits alongside busy Freeman’s Bridge Road. There was no sign of them.

With an afternoon appointment came a discovery.

“Someone came in with their dog for an appointment and she said there’s a white cat in your flower bed. And there they were, terrified. They were really scared but it took them only minutes to warm up and they are really nice kitties.”

Camp says she hopes there were only the two cats left in the box.

“I would like to think if they are a litter they might have stayed together.”

The question is, who dropped them off? The cats aren’t saying but the staff says whomever their previous owner was, they were well taken care of.

Camp is quick to remark that there were many other options available.

“That’s not the ideal way of going about it. There are lots of people and places that would help animals that need homes. This turned out okay, but it could have turned out differently and they could have been killed.”

The kittens will stay at the veterinary hospital for a few days before being transferred to the Animal Protective Foundation where they will soon be available for adoption.

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