Local cancer victim going to Yankees game

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local young man is currently battling a very rare form of cancer and one local nonprofit is trying to make his day a little brighter by treating his entire family to a day at the ballpark.

Dylan Pollock is like many other 20-year-old men. He lives in a quiet neighborhood with his family. He’s an athlete, a brother, and a dedicated college student.

When Dylan became the youngest person ever diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called intimal sarcoma, his world was turned upside down.

“It’s a tough thing to get told that you’re facing life-threatening cancer you know,” Dylan said.

September 8th was just another day for Dylan. He woke up and made himself eggs and a protein shake, the breakfast of an athlete training for college baseball tryouts.

He needed to pass a physical that day before trying out for the team, but he soon realized he would not get that opportunity. His physical reflected a dangerous heart murmur.

“I was just like you know what, I’ll get cleared after my echocardiogram and I can go back to playing baseball and being normal and stuff. Once I heard I had a mass in my heart, I knew it was a little more serious than that,” Dylan said.

That mass turned out to be intimal sarcoma, a very aggressive cancer that has only ever affected about 200 people, so doctors had to act fast. The average life expectancy is only 18 months.

“Tuesday he had an MRI and Wednesday he had open heart surgery to have the mass removed,” Theresa Pollock, Dylan’s mom, said.

Dylan recovered smoothly from open heart surgery and will soon be headed to Boston to receive cancer treatment. For now, one local nonprofit wanted to take his mind off of battle.

“Their family friend had reached out to Make a Wish,” Kate Hockford, Founder of Night Out For You, said.  Make a Wish can’t do anything for Dylan because he’s 20, but we provide experiences for adults 18 and over. She came to us on Friday and said his experience would be wanting to go see a Yankee game and we made it happen.”

Dylan says he is very grateful for the fun day that Night Out For You has planned for his family. In fact, the only thing that has him worried today is how the Yankees will do in the playoffs.

“I’m very excited. Actually, I’ve never seen a playoff game. I’m nervous a little bit. I mean it’s a big game, so every fan gets a little nervous.”

Dylan says that being a pitcher makes him mentally tough and he is prepared to fight this.

If you are interested in granting a wish for another adult with cancer, you can donate to the local nonprofit Night Out For You.

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