Feral pigs wreaking havoc in local community

MIDDLEBURGH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Pigs are on the loose and invading families and their homes in Middleburgh.

It’s a problem that won’t go away.

“It’s funny for people who don’t live here; they laugh at it,” Len Duckman said. “It’s not funny.”

Aggressive hogs are invading Duckman’s family and their farm in Middleburgh.

“The animals are not cute little farm animals,” he said. “They’re big – 300 pounds – bigger than that.”

They’ve been a problem for the 17 years Duckman has lived in the area. But recently, it’s gotten worse.

The pigs tore up their pumpkin patch, bit their dog, and Duckman had to get 26 stitches in his finger after chasing one off their property.

“It will never be straight again,” he said. “It affects everything I do.”

He’s not the only one who’s unhappy. Town Supervisor Pete Coppolo said many members of the community are concerned.

“We have some real upset people, and I don’t blame them,” he said.

He said the issues date back to 2009. Since then, no one has gotten them under control.

New York Department of Environmental Conservation said its officers have issued the pigs’ owner six tickets for grazing on state land. In 2011, a judge ordered him to keep them contained. But it’s not being enforced.

“Enough is enough,” Coppolo said. “You know, it’s time to do something before somebody does get really hurt.”

That’s what Duckman wants – now more than ever.

“If something happens and my child is bitten or hurt or my dog is killed by one of these animals, there will be a huge problem,” he said.

The Schoharie County sheriff said his office is working with New York State Police and the DEC to find a solution.

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