Death Wish Coffee sponsors “Run Dead” zombie treasure hunt to benefit Special Olympics

Credit: Special Olympics New York/Twitter

ROUND LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Special Olympics “Run Dead” zombie themed treasure hunt is coming up this weekend; it’s just one fundraiser for the New York State Chapter of the Special Olympics.

For the second year in a row, Death Wish Coffee is sponsoring the event.

Death Wish is a well-known local brand and now they are known around the world after winning the Super Bowl commercial competition in 2015 and once again they are joining forces with the Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics provides free athletic training and competition to over 67,000 athletes in New York State.

New York State also has the unified sports program, which is where people in high school who have intellectual disabilities can play on sports teams with people who don’t have intellectual disabilities.

“Special Olympics are funded mainly by events like “Run Dead” which is treasure hunt where folks get to dress up like zombies. This year, the zombies are going to be throwing color at runners in different zones. It’s been a great fundraiser for us. It’s a ton a fun; it’s a great way to let adults have the kind of fun that we used to have kids.”

Register for the “RUN DEAD” treasure hunt.

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