Troy apartment fire leaves families displaced

PHOTO: Jay Catalano

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Around 20 people are now without their homes and their belongings after a massive apartment fire in Troy.

The flames broke out Thursday night and many people living there are crediting strangers for saving them.

People who were in this apartment building say someone tried to buzz into the building and the next thing they knew two men were pounding on their doors telling them there was a fire.

Carlyle Kent and Nicholas Brown say they didn’t think and just jumped into action.

“We got out of the car and saw it.”

“He went in the front I went in the back and we just kept pressing buttons trying to get everyone out.”

When they saw the flames coming from a building at Cottage Street Apartments they knew they had to help.


“We were trying to get everyone out. I didn’t think twice about it, I really didn’t.”

Xin Zhang lives on the third floor with his wife and their 7-month-old baby.

“I thought maybe some strange guy wanted to get in the building. So I didn’t pay attention but suddenly they were knocking on the door hard,” Zhang said.

Kent and Brown thought they had gotten everyone out.

“We came back outside and then people told us there were people upstairs too so we went back inside to go to the third floor.”

That’s where they found Zhang and his family.

“They didn’t even know they were really clueless on the third floor.”

“If not them a lot of people in the building would be hurt,” Zhang said.

Senada Muratovic also lives in the building but was in Staten Island visiting family when the fire happened.

“I got a Snapchat like videos of my whole building on fire,” Muratovic said.

She drove back to Troy right away.

“Then I got here and I saw all this like I can’t. I just never thought anything like this would happen to me.”

As a student in the middle of a semester, she now has to start over.

“My laptop my clothes and I lost pretty much everything.”

That’s the case for pretty much everyone living in this building some being helped by the Red Cross.

People are saying that no smoke alarms went off. The building manager says that’s because the fire happened above where the alarms are located.

The cause is still under investigation.


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