10/11 Pet Connection: Macho and Maxine

They are both senior Jack mixes who came to us to find their retirement home. Maxine is around 8 years of age, and her brother we are thinking is about 10.

They were in a household with 7 other dogs, but they were two of three that were left behind when the house got foreclosed on. Their sister Maddie is also at Berkshire Humane looking for a new home.

You can’t get any sweeter than these two! They love the company of their people and of each other. These two would love to go home together if someone could open their hearts to two special seniors but will do fine on their own as well.

As you can see Macho has a special eye. Our vet feels it’s an old injury that doesn’t brother him, but he is pretty much blind in that eye. Due to this Macho is a little shy at first with new people. That’s were Maxine comes into play. She helps him realize quicker that new people are okay.

They are both working on perfecting their house training, but with some time and patience, they will soon become 100% housebroken.

Please consider opening your heart and home to Maxine and Macho. You won’t be disappointed.

Berkshire Humane Society (413) 447-7878

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