Historic building in Glens Falls faces potential demolition

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A building on state and federal historic registries in Glens Falls could soon be demolished.

A city council meeting Tuesday night will auction off the right to knock it down.

One neighbor says it’s an eyesore but another man is on a mission to save it.

“I mean think about it this has been here since before the civil war,” Eric Unkauf, a business owner, said.

Unkauf plans to present a plan to save the historic building at 5 Culvert Street.

“We’ve got a master slate roofer that says I will fix the slate roof. We have a structural engineer that said I will donate my time.”

Demolition companies are eyeing the property, and the city council will hear those bids.

Still, Mayor Jack Diamond says he would rather see the building restored. In fact, he would deed it over at any price.

Mayor Diamond says he has already received four bids for demolition with the highest coming in at $85,000.

He has made it clear that he will encourage council to hand over the deed for just $1 if the buyer can put not only serious effort but also serious money into renovation.

“We’ve gotta either take it down or have someone wants to stabilize it with a business plan to refurbish it,” Mayor Diamond said.

This is not the only vacant building up for auction Tuesday night, but it is the only building of Second Empire style in the city.

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