10/10 Pet Connection: Tyler and Charles

• Tyler- Golden Retriever/Husky(?) mix, Male, 12 Years, 58 Pounds

• Charles- Domestic Shorthair cat, Orange, Male, 10 Years, 11 Pounds

While Peppertree is a dog only rescue, we do love all animals. Tyler and Charles were surrendered to Peppertree as one of their moms has serious health issues.

Tyler and Charles are best of friends and will snuggle with each other, and after losing their prior home, it will be cruel to separate them from each other.

Tyler is a calm boy who enjoys the company of other dogs. He enjoys rolling in the grass, trotting along and sniffing, however he would need a fenced yard or be kept on a leash as he will wander. Otherwise, his favorite activities are following people around the house and chilling on his dog bed.

Tyler’s a bit shy and takes some time to bond with his new people, but once he does, you will have the most loyal of friends.

Charles is a super sweet and affectionate cat that gets along with all dogs and enjoys snuggling with Tyler or a person or sunning himself in a window. He is an indoor only cat. Cat-savvy dogs will acknowledge his superiority (ha!) and let Charles do what he wants.

Charles has not been around other cats, so we do not know how he would be with them.

While both of them get along with everybody, they need to go to a home without young children as they enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment.

Peppertree Rescue 518-435-7425

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