10/9 Pet Connection: Mickey and Oliver

Nothing gets cuter than baby guinea pigs, so there is no way you can say no to Mickey and Oliver. (2 months old)

Their mother came to us back in July due to landlord issues; the shelter staff quickly noticed that Ashlee was pregnant. Luckily, we had an amazing small animal volunteer who decided she wanted foster mom and babies till they were ready to come back to the shelter.

Ashlee gave birth to 5 beautiful boys on August 10th. Since day one they have been getting socialized daily with kids of all ages and getting used to everyday family life. Now at 2 months of age they are ready to find their forever home. Their other three brothers got quickly adopted, and now it’s their turn.

Guinea pigs make great first time pets for family! The shelter currently has 10 guinea pigs all waiting to find new homes with several more waiting to come in. We have an age range from 2 months to 3 years. Most are bonded pairs but do have a couple singles as well and all boy guinea pigs at the moment.

Berkshire Humane Society (413) 447-7878

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