Pawn shop owners charged with buying stolen property

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A six-month long investigation into stolen property in the Capital Region has led to the arrests of a father and son.

Police say the duo has knowingly been purchasing stolen goods and reselling them for a profit.

Power tools, electronics, and more are all things the Colonie Police Department seized from Xchange Case and Trade. They say all of the items were stolen.

Colonie Police Lt. Bob Winn says the father and son duo are responsible for much of the town’s stolen property.

“It’s our belief that was then resold.”

An investigation into the store began in April.

“We were able to get some undercover operatives and send them into the store with small items at a time.”

They were able to continue making undercover sales to the store under the guise the goods were stolen.

“This week we were able to make two large sales of reported stolen merchandise to the store.”

With the help of loss prevention teams from Target, Walmart and Home Depot, the sting was able to make large sales of new items. That’s when the police department was able to make its case.

“We did recover quite a bit of what we believe was stolen property.”

Much of it new with security tags on it. Some of the items even traceable to recent crimes.

“There was a generator stolen from the Schenectady Home Depot and they actually had a video of the guy stealing it right down to the SKU number.”

Lt. Winn says the shop and owner Gregory Fanos have been on the radar for at least two years.

“The owner’s son Evangelos has been arrested in the past for possession of stolen property at that store.”

The store can even be traced back to Sean Moreland, who is connected to the murder of Jacquelyn Porreca. He’s now serving time for hindering prosecution and an unrelated burglary.

“We tracked the stolen jewelry to this store.”

Gregory and his son Evangelos are now facing felony charges of possessing stolen property.

This is a crime Lt. Winn says can come back to hurt the consumer.

“Everything that walks out of a store that’s not purchased adds to the price of it later on.”

Police are now working to find out if this is part of something bigger and more charges could be pending.

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