Local strangers brought together by Las Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS (NEWS10) – It’s hard to think two people were meant to come into each other’s lives.

When tragedy struck last weekend in Las Vegas, it brought two concertgoers with ties to the Capital Region together.

Mikkena Parry never misses the Route 91 Festival.

It’s something she enjoys with her friends and family every year but this year that event left her with scars she’ll have for the rest of her life.

“I constantly think about the 59 people that didn’t return home and how their families must feel,” Parry said.

Parry was emotional thinking about the tragic events from last weekend.

“I feel like this is all just like a dream and just kind of waiting to wake up.”

The 19-year-old whose originally from Prattsville, New York remains in Las Vegas hospital bed after getting shot at the festival.

“Everyone at first kind of thought that it was just someone screwing around with firecrackers and everyone just started running.”

Mikkena and her boyfriend tried to get to safety by hiding behind a trash can.

“He got on top of me to cover me from everything, but then we realized that like I had already gotten hit.”

With quick thinking, he used their clothing to try to stop the bleeding.

At the same time, Mikkena’s mom Stephanie was worried sick about her daughter.

“I knew immediately when she didn’t call me right away that something was wrong.”

Little did she know, Mikkena was able to find help coming across strangers with a pickup truck. They put her in the back and drove her to the hospital.

“We were just super lucky that he was there and he got her,” Stephanie said.

Days later when they reunited, they were shocked to learn they have some close connections that Ryan Guay, the man who helped save her life, is originally from Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

“We feel like it was meant to be for them to help us.”

It was nothing less than fate.

“I’m still trying to think of how I could thank them for doing what they did.”

Mikkena continues to recover from a gunshot wound to her left arm that traveled to her abdomen.

She has a fractured rib and the bullet will stay lodged behind one of her kidney’s for the rest of her life.

Her mom hopes she will be released from the hospital this weekend.

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