Crews fixing deadly stretch of road in Guilderland

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A stretch of road in Guilderland is being reconstructed.

This comes after the tragic death of three teenagers, including a 17-year-old back in May.

It’s a quiet road just a few miles long but it’s one that brings back scary memories for Paul Davis.

Seventeen years ago his daughter almost got in the car with some friends.  Every day he wonders what would have happened if she did.

“I guess I wouldn’t have the grandkids I have now,” Davis said.

That car, with teenagers Korey Efaw and Melissa Herzog inside, sped down Hurst Road, lost control and crashed into a tree. The two teens died as a result.

“Real devastated, it’s terrible to see young kids like that.”

A memorial now lies just in front of that tree.

Almost two decades later, this past May, tragedy struck again.

Alyssa Gelfand, 17, drove down the same road and crashed her car just yards away from that memorial. She too died.

“We know the families. We’re all from this community. It’s horrible,” Guilderland Highway Superintendent Steven Oliver said.

Oliver says it’s part of a disturbing trend.

Young drivers and thrill seekers speed down the road, hit a bump in the road the right way and your car goes airborne.

“Anywhere from 80 and above, you’ll get air,” Oliver said. “Doing 90 on a back road is just dangerous.

Now construction has officially begun to remove that bump and remove the temptation.

“If the attraction is not here then there’s no reason to be 90 MPH on a 30 MPH road.”

Oliver says nothing can bring back the kids who lost their lives, but they can save others from the same fate.

“Drive safe kids. It’s a lot better to get where you’re going.”

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