Shelter dog with broken hip needs surgery

SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A badly injured dog could use your help in getting some much needed, but costly surgery.

Meet Logan, he’s a mix, part pit bull, and part lovable goofball.

This happy guy has a rough backstory.

“Nobody really knows what he’s been through, but he’s definitely seen some things,” Amy Duskiewicz, Animal Protective Foundation Shelter Director, said.

A Good Samaritan recently brought the 1-year-old pup to the Animal Protective Foundation in Scotia.

“He would kind of flop over walk and then his legs would lay out,” Sheila Leguire, Animal Care Welfare Manager, said.

An X-ray revealed the source of the problem a severely fractured right hip.

“You are seeing a dog on pain medication. So he is bouncing around and he is quite comfortable at the moment but he can’t live on pain medication,” Duskiewicz said.

The Animal Protective Foundation typically provides medical care, but the specialized surgery to repair Logan’s hip is well in excess of what the not for profit shelter can do or afford. The cost is approximately $3,500.

To ensure Logan gets the care he needs, the staff is raising money to cover the cost of his upcoming surgery.

“That’s why we are appealing to our community to help support his care because he’s a lovely dog and deserves a loving home,” Duskiewicz said.

Duskiewicz is urging anyone who wants to help to go online or send a check. Donations will go to a fund that will help Logan and other animals in need of expensive medical care.

“We really want to see him running around doing everything a normal dog would be doing.”

Logan’s surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday at a clinic in Pattersonville, N.Y.

Recovery time is expected to take four to six months. He’s expected to make a full recovery and should be available for adoption four weeks after his surgery.

You can make a donation online or by mailing a check to Animal Protective Foundation – 53 Maple Avenue / Scotia, NY 12302.

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