Deadline to renew DACA permits is Thursday

WASHINGTON (NEWS10) – The bad news for Dreamers is Thursday is the last day DACA recipients can renew their permits. After that, they could potentially be deported.

The good news is both Democrats and Republicans are working on legislation that includes a pathway to citizenship.

For dreamers, the reality of being undocumented comes with its own set of nightmares.

October 5th is the deadline to renew DACA permits, that deadline starts a timer and gives Congress six months to permanently fix the problem. If not, DACA recipients will no longer be protected from deportation.

All week long Democrats have been speaking out about their goal.

“To pass a clean Dream Act, that’s compassion and it is compassionate to say that ultimately we will pass comprehensive immigration reform,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-California) said.

“Let me tell you why I feel most hopeful this time.  The President I think has the right attitude about solving this problem,” Sen. Linsey Graham (R-South Carolina) said.

Sen. Graham and Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) are among those supporting the Dream Act but there’s another option on the table.

Republicans have come up with their own solution for Dreamers too, and it would offer a pathway to a green card and then citizenship; however, getting a green card would take 15 years.

That bill also includes other provisions for dealing with border security and avoiding so-called chain migration.

Senators Durbin and Graham say the fact that Republicans came up with this plan is a good thing.

“We see different ways to do it, but the good news is we are now in dialogue we are talking to them,” Sen. Durbin said.

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