Assault on Vegas Strip: What is a bump stock and how does it work?

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Las Vegas shooter used a special device that modified some of his guns into rapid-fire killing machines.

Bump stocks have caught the attention of some lawmakers. They are legal in Nevada but outlawed in New York under the New York Safe Act.

Even in states where they are legal, NEWS10 ABC found some shops generally do not bother to carry them.

We’re learning more about the arsenal of weapons the Las Vegas gunman had in his hotel suite-turned armed fortress.  

Twelve firearms modified to mimic automatic rifles, each outfitted with bump stocks.

“Bump stock uses a spring and a kinetic energy of the firearm kicking back against you to essentially articulate the gun and cause your finger to move quicker than it normally could,” Craig Serafini, of Upstate Guns & Ammo, said.

Bump stocks are viewed as a novelty. For that reason, some shops & distributors don’t carry them, even in states where they are legal.

“Because the gray area on that in terms of how it can be used and truly it’s utility, it is such that a lot of stores said, ‘no we don’t want to do it.’”

It’s sparked yet another fiery debate over gun control measures   

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he believes lawmakers are not passing sensible laws to restrict firearms because of political fear. 

“Warm wishes are nice, press releases are nice. You know what’s better? Action, do something,” Gov. Cuomo said.

As politicians mull over how this tragedy unfolded, the question as to why is still an inconceivable mystery.

For some, the elusive motive exposes a problem of disconnect and the need for more resources for mental health illnesses.   

“What this man did was demented beyond words and there is no rational or sane person that would ever do that,” Serafini said. “If we can find a way to interact with people, maybe we can eliminate their mental deficiency or that illness that makes them want to hurt others.”

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