Make A Wish: A country concert held for Lilly

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – What happens when a girl can’t make it to a country music concert? Make A Wish brings the country concert to her.

With a last name like Cash, 12-year-old Lilly says she’s got country music running through her veins.

“I had a little surprise for you I’m related to someone famous Johnny cash. My last name is cash and he’s on my dad’s side of the family.”

A car accident, when she was 5 years old, got in the way of Lilly’s ability to easily attend concerts. A spinal injury left her paralyzed from the neck down.  She’s wheelchair bound and has lived here at Saint Margaret’s in Albany for about three years.

“I don’t really get out a lot and I can be with my friends.”

The people at Make A Wish brought the music to Lilly.

Local group Skeeter Creek covered Lilly’s country favorites at an event planned just for her and her friends this afternoon in Saint Margaret’s Courtyard.

“The idea was to bring everyday experiences that another 12 or 13 year old might have to bring those experiences to her here at Saint Margaret’s because we couldn’t go somewhere else,” Jared Kingsley, a volunteer Wish Granter, said.

It was a small concert for a small girl with a big heart.

“I am very happy that they did this for me and I get to have my friends with me.”

Make A Wish says they’re able to put on events like these thanks to donations and volunteers.

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