Local man caught in the middle of Las Vegas concert shooting

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Many families greeted their loved ones arriving from Las Vegas at the Albany International Airport Monday night.

Earl Green was there celebrating his birthday when he was evacuated from the Mandalay Bay Resort. That’s where the gunman unleashed a rain of bullets from the 32nd floor.

“It was automatic fire. It was just one after another. We thought it was a helicopter at first then all of a sudden we see people running and people were bleeding, it was just crazy,” Green said.

The motive is an inconceivable mystery.

It has law enforcement back in the Capital Region preparing their own rapid response teams.

“Part of this, amass casualty response, is also getting the hospitals involved, having portable morgues, training that teaches them how to apply a tourniquet,” Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said. “We have all of that in Albany County. I’d like to say we’re prepared to respond to something like this. I pray to God it never happens.”

The death toll rising to 59 and hundreds more are injured.

In the face of tragedy, we see strangers helping strangers and the public working with emergency responders.

“It was a rapid response by police, by rescuers and responders, and the medical community. Outstanding response. And then, by the public themselves. That’s what saved lives,” Rick Mathews, a retired UAlbany Terrorism Expert, said.

To Green, it will be an unforgettable birthday for the wrong reasons. The father is still in shock and is relieved about one thing.

“It’s just good to be home.”

As we learn more about the victims and survivors, hundreds lined up to donate blood hoping to save those still fighting for their lives.

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