Calls for gun control following mass shooting in Las Vegas

SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is demanding federal response to the violence in Las Vegas.

“We cannot allow this to become the new norm where tragedy after a tragedy happens and we do absolutely nothing in response,” Sen. Gillibrand said. “These senseless mass shootings must end.”

The Democrat spoke in front of a packed crowd of students and educators. She was originally scheduled to talk about new laws supporting vocational programs but says she couldn’t just ignore Monday morning’s deadly shooting.

“This violence this mass murder one of the worst massacres we’ve ever seen in this country is yet another reminder of congress’s continuous failure to act to protect Americans from gun violence”

Getting very political at the podium, Sen. Gillibrand said she hopes Congress will take the Las Vegas shooting as a warning.

“We must pass laws that protect American people from this kind of horrific violence it should not be legal for a civilian on American soil to own or use a weapon of war like this assault weapon”

Right now, police say the shooter Stephen Paddock had no criminal history, but Se. Gillibrand says in light of Monday’s events and other mass shootings across the country, she would like to see the federal government pass stricter gun laws like New York State.

“We have some of the most progressive laws in the country but it doesn’t help us when anybody can traffic a weapon into our state and sell it out of a truck with very few legal consequences”

Republican John Faso also responded to the shooting and released this statement:

“This evil and senseless act of violence is horrifying. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Las Vegas and all of the victims and their families in this trying time.”

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