More credit card skimmers found at local gas stations

JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  More credit card skimming devices were found at local convenience stores in Montgomery County.

GreyCastle Security says a simple swipe and hackers can retrieve hundreds or even thousands of credit card numbers that have been stored onto the skimmer.

The FBI is now investigating after multiple counties in the area recovered credit card skimmers at local gas stations.

Hackers have figured out they don’t need to return to access your stolen data.

They can transmit it, using the skimmer’s Bluetooth technology, something your phone can detect.

“You will also see that device. It will show up as random numbers and letters,” Adam Dean, Security Specialist at GreyCastle Security, said.

“They are misusing technology. It is actually shameful,” Soni Singh, a gas station owner, said.

Gas stations in neighboring Fulton County are making sure they don’t become the next target.

“I always tell my employees to especially walk around the pumps. I do check every day.”

Some customers are ditching plastic at the pump altogether.

“I use cash whenever I come to the gas station, just for that reason,” Cleta Niles said.

“Anybody can get your information almost anywhere they want, it seems like no one is safe,” Chris Bebb said. “You just have to hope for the best, do what you can and stay vigilant.”

You can also detect a device by pulling on the card reader.

A skimmer will automatically pop off. If it doesn’t, that means the pump is safe.

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