Rabid fox warning in North Adams

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (NEWS10) – North Adams Police are warning residents in one neighborhood to stay indoors after two people were attacked by what are thought to be rabid foxes.

George Ferris says when he was outside raking leaves two weeks ago, a fox came out of nowhere, targeted him, and would not let him go.

“All of a sudden I felt something grab my leg and there he was,” Ferris said.

His right leg was covered in bite marks. Ferris says he was bitten a total of four times.

“Twice he came. The second time, after I hit him with the rake, he took off and then I got out of there.”

Ferris called 911 and went straight to the emergency room.

Officers searched his street and the entire Greylock neighborhood. They located the fox and put it down.

“They shot it, but then I understand on Sunday they found another one.”

That disturbing news coming in the form of a robocall from North Adams police.

“This is a message from the North Adams Police Department. A citizen was bitten in the Greylock area just now. The animal is considered to be sick.”

“I’m a mailman. I’ve had dog bites,” Henry Bourdon said.

Bourdon can now add fox attack to the list.

He says he was walking his dog Sunday night around the Greylock School when he saw a fox emerge from the tall grass.

“I turned and I went, ‘Oh boy!’ I’m thinking I don’t have anything, this is gonna be good. He just came and attacked my ankle. Luckily he only got to my ankle.”

The fox took off, and police were once again on the hunt for another possibly rabid fox. At Greylock School, recess had to be held indoors on Monday.

Monday evening, police announced an aggressive fox was “located and dispatched” a little after midnight in the Ashton Avenue neighborhood. They are hopeful it was the fox spotted near the school.

As for George and Henry, they’re healing from bites and what’s going to be a series of rabies shots. They are also staying close to home.

“I took the dog for a walk, but only to the corner. I was too nervous,” Bourdon said.

If you see an animal acting suspicious in your neighborhood, contact police.

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