Keeping cool in the hot weather

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – When the heat index is as high as it is on Monday, the High School Athletic Association makes recommendations teams should comply with shorter practices and extra water breaks.

The players are not in full gear, which is another safety precaution when it comes to this heat.

“We recommend only wearing a helmet and not wearing shoulder pads and other equipment. Quite frankly, the student athletes aren’t used to this heat since we’ve been practicing now for several weeks and we haven’t this encountered this type of summer heat so late in the month of September,” Robert Zayas, Executive Director at NYS Public High School Athletic Association, said.

Student athletes aren’t the only ones taking extra water breaks dealing with this summer heat in late September. Golfers at Wolferts Roost Country Club battling the heat to battle epilepsy.

The tournament going on its seventh year raising money for the Epilepsy Foundation in memory of Michael Hoffman’s grandson, Jake Straughter who passed away when he was 4 years old.

“We miss him every day and this is one of the many ways we keep his memory alive,” Hoffman said. “The fact that they put this high up on their list is really meaningful for us.”

Despite smoldering temperatures, the cause trumps the weather.

“There are over 45,000 people with epilepsy in northeastern NY. A lot of people are here to support our chair Mike Hoffman,” Jeannine Garab, Executive Director at the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York, said. “So people will turn out in the rain, the snow and the 90-degree weather.”

Just like any other day, the pros come prepared.

“Just have to stay as cool as possible by staying in the shade, getting yourself a bucket of ice, towel and cool yourself off every once in a while,” Steve Zabolcky said. “Take a few breaks in the shade that’s all you can do.”

Of course, make sure you’re staying hydrated.

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