Wrongful arrest lawsuit filed against Schenectady Police Department

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Two people are now suing the City of Schenectady and several police officers there for a wrongful arrest and violation of constitutional rights.

The entire arrest was caught on camera in September 2014. Two people being arrested in the video claim they were mistreated by the officers. Now, the couple is demanding justice.

A video from 2014 shows what Denise and Ronald Sheridan are calling a wrongful arrest.

The lawsuit filed last week is seeking damages for the incident.

The complaint is being brought against the City of Schenectady and several police officers. The claims include the officers used an “unjustified use of force.”

“He punched me in the head. This guy right here punched me right in the head. This guy right here.”

It also states that the police department shows an “ongoing pattern of official abuse of power” and that there have been no policies created to address the issue.

“This kid is under arrest for resisting arrest. I’ll have to take that as evidence if you don’t keep going.”

If you watch and listen closely to the video, the officers claim the Sheridans are harboring a wanted felon.

“A wanted felon is in the house, and they lied about it.”

Arthur Frost is representing the Sheridans in the case and said “if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.”

He says the documents and the video footage speak for themselves.

NEWS10 ABC reached out to the city attorney for a comment on the lawsuit. Calls were not returned.

The lawsuit is asking for a jury trial and an undetermined amount of money in damages.

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