Gov. Cuomo, emergency relief specialists heading to storm-damaged Puerto Rico

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and a team of emergency relief specialists are on the way to the storm-damaged Puerto Rico.

The help comes at the request of Puerto Rico’s governor.

The U.S. territory on Wednesday suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Maria, including to its power grid.

Large-scale generators are among the supplies headed to the island to help get necessary facilities back online.

“Governor Rosselló of Puerto Rico put in an official request last night to me as New York governor for assistance for Puerto Rico. Governor Rosselló didn’t have to ask because in New York we are family with the Puerto Rican community,” Gov. Cuomo said.

Engineers are bringing drones on the trip to help with power restoration in Puerto Rico.

Other supplies include bottles of water, ready to eat meals, cots, and blankets.

The governor’s office says JetBlue donated the plane for the relief flight.

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