9/22 Pet Connection: Zelda

Zelda is a 2-3 year old boxer mix, female. If you are looking for a very sweet and highly intelligent girl, Zelda is fabulous. Zelda has been trained to be an emotional support animal. She has spent months of training for that activity and knows:

Heel off leash
Sit upon handler stopping walking
Alert handler to anxious behaviors
Circle handler in crowded places
Place anywhere told to do so
Basic commands of: leave it, stay, wait, down

She is accustomed to being in public with her owner. Zelda is very eager to please and always does her best to learn things. Zelda is great with other dogs and cats. She LOVES to snuggle. At night she will cuddly up with you and her favorite thing to do is be under the covers with you. In the morning she greets you with a happy smile. Zelda is the sweetest, happy, intelligent… I could go on forever. I think she would do great for a family who loves to hike and is active or even for someone who just needs a little confidence and a wonderful best friend.

11th Hour Rescue 518 223-5589

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