Uber is still not allowed at Albany Airport

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Ride-sharing has made its way into the Capital Region, but you still can’t hail a ride to or from the Albany International Airport.

That’s something that’s causing a lot of confusion for people visiting the area.

You get off your plane and come into the airport, now maybe this city is your home, but maybe it’s not. So how are you going to get out of here since Uber is not an option?

An Uber driver was willing to pick up passengers for free if it means getting them to their next destination.

“I can’t drop off a passenger in a deserted area, so I have to take her to the airport,” Zahid, an Uber driver, said.

When Zahid’s passenger asked him to take her to the airport, the closest the app would let him bring her was to the airport cargo center.

“Actually the app is pretty good. I don’t know why it sent me over here.”

When Zahid realized where they were, he decided to help his passenger catch her flight and just drive her to the airport for free. He says Uber drivers need to be able to conduct business there.

“If you can’t go to the airport, you can’t pick up passengers and that’s where you make more money. Otherwise, you have to wait all night long and stay in front of the bars to pick up people. You’d rather drop off people at the airport than staying all night long and making money.”

An airport rep says the airport has a geo-fence around the grounds, and they charge ride-sharing services a fee to enter and exit that fence.

Uber has not signed a contract agreeing to the airport terms; however, it is still being negotiated.

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