Police seek suspect in Niskayuna vehicle larcenies

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police are asking for your help in identifying a man who has broken into some vehicles in a local neighborhood.

Communities in Niskayuna have been dealing with a rash of car break-ins.

For the past two weeks neighborhoods in Niskayuna have been the targets of several car break-ins.

Deputy Chief Michael Stevens says this is an age-old crime.

“We see this in our jurisdiction. We speak with the other jurisdictions. This is a common thing it’s not a new crime.”

Police are hoping to speak to a man caught on camera in the Avon Crest neighborhood.

“We’d like to talk to this person in regards to Monday night.”

Surveillance video shows a man approaching the vehicle and try the handle, it opens right up, and he proceeds to rummage around inside until he finds what he’s looking for.

He then moves on to another car parked in the driveway and does the same thing.

Stevens says typically the same things are going missing from the targeted vehicles.

“Typically it’s cash and loose change. There are other items that have been taken in the past like computers cell phones stuff like that if why’ve been left in the vehicles.”

There’s another part of this crime that stays consistent.

“There has never been any sort of forced entry to the vehicles. All the vehicles have been left unlocked by the owner of the vehicles.”

Stevens is urging people to lock their vehicles and take out any valuable belongings, even if you think you’ve parked in a safe place.

If you recognize the man, police would like to talk to him about the recent break-ins. You can leave tips by calling (518)-630-0911.


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