Death Wish Coffee speaks out after recalling its Nitro Cold Brew

ROUND LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local coffee company that has a national following is recalling one of its products.

Death Wish Coffee is recalling its Nitro Cold Brew as a safety precaution.

You won’t be opening a can of Death Wish coffee anytime soon after the company took its nitrogen-infused brew off the shelves. It’s the most recent product released at the beginning of the year.

“We thought we had it perfect. We just need to add one more step,” Mike Brown, Death Wish Coffee Owner, said.

Brown says they decided to recall the Nitro Cold Brew after sending it out to experts for testing.

“We sent our product out to Cornell University to be tested. We had it tested for 14 weeks and there was no harmful bacteria or toxins in it.”

He then asked another scientist to look into their brewing process.

“He recognized that there may be a small opportunity for a toxin to develop. It is you know a serious risk.”

To prevent this from happening, the expert recommends Death Wish add another sterilizing step to their procedure. It’s something that is still new that the FDA has few standards and regulations.

“We’re basically writing the book right now.”

Death Wish is actually working with the FDA to develop guidelines for cold brew and nitrogen-infused coffee.

As they do, it’s working to get the product back on the shelves by early 2018.

“Safety’s paramount. It’s a value here at Death Wish Coffee and we do everything we can to deliver the best, safest product to our customers.”

Death Wish is offering full refunds for anyone who has ever bought the Nitro Brew on its website or in a store.

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