Death Wish Coffee recalls Nitro Cold Brew cans

ROUND LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Death Wish Coffee has issued a precautionary recall of their Death Wish Nitro canned cold brew coffee.

Death Wish says the recall is the result of a process specialist recommending they add a step to their nitro cold brew production process.

“In short, looks like our process wasn’t perfect,” Death Wish said in a statement on their website. “And we’re excited to revisit it with guidance from some of the most meticulous scientists in the world.”

If you have some Nitro cans at home, Death Wish recommends you throw them out. If you bought cans of Nitro in a store, bring them back for a refund. If you purchased online, Death Wish is offering a full refund within 60 days.

If you have consumed some Death Wish Nitro recently, don’t worry.

Death Wish says there has been no degradation of quality or illnesses reported in connection with their Nitro coffee. The recall is a precautionary measure.

For more information about foodborne illnesses, click here for the CDC guide on symptoms.

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