Capital Region Apple and Wine Festival held at Altamont Fairgrounds

ALTAMONT, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This weekend provided a chance to take in everything fall has to offer with a nice glass of local wine, specialty foods and handmade crafts.

For 25 years the Abbruzzese family of Altamont Orchards has been hosting the Capital Region Apple and Wine Festival.

It’s no wonder it’s a hit year after year, these guys know what they’re doing.

“We have the cider slush with a little spike to it and hard cider which has been a big hit here,” said Dan Abbruzzese, co-owner of Altamont Orchards.

Brothers, Jim and Dan Abbruzzese said they bring in at least two dozen wineries and distilleries from across New York State for people to sample and take home.

“All I saw yesterday were cases and cases going out of this place so it’s not just sipping they’re actually buying the wine and the wineries couldn’t be happier,” Dan Abbruzzese said.

Bob Stowits of Haliztt Vineyards said one woman spent some $2,000 just at his stand on Saturday.

For just $7.00 you get a glass to sip from all day long and can even bring it home as a souvenir.

“It’s got our logo on it, it’s a cute little thing it’s a sturdy glass it’s not a piece of plastic, it’s made of glass,” said Jim Abbruzzese, co-owner of Altamont Orchards

What’s a glass of wine without cheese or something to snack on?

The festival features all sorts of specialty food vendors and farm stands.

No matter where you are on the fairgrounds, the scent of fresh baked apple cider donuts lingered in the air.

“We take the bakery right from Altamont orchard move it to the Altamont Fairgrounds and we’ve got apple puffs, apple turnovers, anything apple related we’ve got at the bakery and they are award winning donuts,” Dan Abbruzzese said.

You can’t make all of that without a good crop, something they’re very thankful for this year.

“The apples have finished off really nice this year, one of the best, color is great, size is great it’s been a really strong year to have an apple crop,” Jim Abbruzzese said.

While the adult beverages are a big seller, this festival is known for its family friendly atmosphere.

“It’s a big event for us, it helps keep our farm alive and vibrant and growing and to keep it alive and a business we really need the support of the community,” Jim Abbruzzese said.

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